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Eucalan No-Rinse Delicate Wool Wash


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Pamper your hand-knits and delicates with gentle Eucalan No-Rinse Delicate Wash.  No rinsing means less handling for your items when you wash them.

Eucalan's lanolin-enriched formula naturally conditions fibers and helps keep static away.

Non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free.  Safe for hand-washing and machine washing, including HE machines.

The 16.9 oz bottle will give you 90-95 washes, the 3.3 oz bottle gives 15-20 washes, and the 0.17 oz pod is great for travel.

Five gentle fragrances:

  • Wrapture is infused with the beneficial essential oil of Night Blooming Jasmine. Jasmine oil is a natural antiseptic, making it perfectly suited for your most delicate fibers. Like all Eucalan scents, Wrapture contains a touch of lanolin to naturally condition fibers and keep static to a minimum.
  • Eucalyptus is scented using essential oil of eucalyptus, which is a natural moth and flea inhibitor. Use Eucalan Eucalyptus regularly on woolens and particularly before storing them for the season. Use on all your delicates like sweaters, lingerie, hosiery, comforters, down jackets, bathing suits and baby items. An excellent choice for men.
  • Grapefruit is scented using essential oil of grapefruit, which is a natural antiseptic.  It is especially nice to use on garments that lie close to the skin like hosiery, workout wear, bathing suits and lingerie. Use on all your delicates and enjoy the fresh light scent.
  • Lavender is scented using essential oil of lavender, which is known for its natural moth and flea inhibiting and antiseptic properties. Lavender’s soothing spa-like scent has been described as an aromatherapy treat for the user, and is ideal for baby items like blankets, stuffed animals, clothing and wool diaper covers. This is the most versatile scent.
  • Natural is the same great formula, but no scent has been added to it. It is Eucalan, bare and naked, as there are no added chemicals to take away the natural scent of the product. Great for scent-sensitive people.

Note:  Due to restrictions on shipping liquids, we cannot ship Eucalan to non-USA addresses.

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