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Camellia Flowers - #201 by Noni

Noni Designs

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Camellias are Noni's signature flower, and they're as versatile as they are beautiful.  This pattern tells you how to make simple camellias with five petals or truly luscious flowers with thirty petals.

Use tiny needles to make tiny ones that add whimsy to any bag, gift, jacket, or shoe.  Use larger needles and larger yarn to make huge camellias that demand everyone's attention!

Camellias are knit with a double strand of yarn.

Sizes Make small, medium, large or very large flowers by changing needle size and using single or double strands of yarn.
Yarn Weight Worsted 

400 yards makes approximately two large flowers or several medium-sized flowers

Needle Size

Use US 5-8 straight needles and DPNs & single-strand yarn for smaller flowers
Use US 11 straight needles and DPNs & double-strand yarn for larger flowers

Designer Nora Bellows

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