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Field of Sunflowers- #220 by Noni

Noni Designs

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Everyone loves sunflowers, with their large faces and cheerful colors!  And how fun it is to watch them follow the sun across the afternoon sky!  

Now you can enjoy these friendly blooms all year long - perfect for embellishing a tote bag or sunhat, or make a bouquet for your desk.  They'll make you smile every time you see them.

Sunflowers are knit with a double strand of yarn.

Yarn Weight Worsted 

For a bouquet, 420 yards of green, 420 yards of chocolate brown, and 420 yards of bright yellow, orange-yellow, or orange

Needle Size

US 5 DPNs, US 7 DPNs, and US 11 DPNs (larger needles for larger flowers)

Designer Nora Bellows

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