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Sunflower Knitting / Beach Bag - #137 by Noni

Noni Designs

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Love to knit on vacation or at the beach?  This amazing bag is large enough to fit your knitting, pattern, knitting needles, scissors, cell phone, a blanket (not too big, you know), some medium-sized towels, a novel, a water bottle (or two), a magazine, a toy for your child, sunglasses. . . all in a way that doesn't require digging around at the bottom of a huge bag for all the little stuff.

Yes, if you take it to the beach it might get sand in the wool -- so brush it out!  The size and facility with which everything can be found is worth the trouble of a little sand in your wooly bag!  Make it unfelted if you must!  But you suffer sand in your towels, and sand in your shoes, and sand in the spines of your books, for the love of the sun, so why not in a felted bag?

The bag is knit using a double-strand of worsted weight yarn.

Includes instructions for making sunflowers.

Dimensions Unfelted Dimensions:  27" H x 36" W with bag laid flat
Felted Dimensions:  15-15.5" H x 20.5-21.5 W x 5-5.5" D
Yarn Weight Worsted - must be 100% wool and not superwash
Yardage Bag:  2200 yards
Sunflowers (makes 1 large and 2 small):  420 yards green, 630 yards chocolate brown, and 630 yards in bright yellow-orange or orange   
Gauge Unfelted gauge: 12 sts / 16 rows over 4" 
Finished gauge: 16 sts / 24 rows over 4"
Needle Size US 11 16" and 24" circulars and double point needles
Designer Nora Bellows

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