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Sweetheart Roses - #217 by Noni

Noni Designs

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Sweetheart rose buds are delicate, romantic flowers bespeaking the promise of the unfurled rose.  These knitted and felted beauties forever capture the moment before the rose opens.

These classic favorites are easy to knit and work up quickly.  Decorate the fronts of small bags, or twine together up the lapel of a favorite coat.  Tie a single rose onto the top of a gift box, or knit a spray for the top of your garden hat.

Make with beaded feltable wool or decorate with beads and sequins yourself. The possibilities are endless...

Yarn Weight Worsted 

210 yards in each color you'd like to include in your roses, plus 1 skein green for stems

Needle Size

US 7 DPNs, and for larger flowers, US 11 DPNs

Designer Nora Bellows

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