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Denise Interchangeable Needles Set - Blue

Denise Interchangeables

Denise Interchangeable Needles Kits are airline-safe and travel-friendly, and they connect easily and securely, no tools required.  Interchangeble sets let you make circular needles in a wide range of sizes and cable lengths.

The resin needle tips are slightly flexible, so they're comfortable for hands that ache.

This versatile kit contains:

  • 10 pairs of 4.5" needles, US Sizes 5-15 (3.75-10mm)
  • 6 very flexible blue cords in lengths 5-19"
  • 2 extenders to connect cords for longer lengths
  • 4 end buttons for the cord ends
  • Sturdy blue 7" x 8.5" case stores everything neatly

Denise needles are made in the USA and guaranteed for life with normal use.

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