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Stop N Go Stitch Markers

Elegant Knitter at Goose Pond

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Clever little sterling silver stitch markers from Goose Pond make it easy to keep track of every-other-row increases, decreases and other pattern changes when knitting in the round.

Each package contains two pairs of interlocked markers -- one large pair and one small pair.

To use your markers, after your first increase or decrease row, place the green marker at the beginning of your next round and knit across as usual.

When you come to the marker again, switch to the red marker.  This reminds you to "STOP" and increase or decrease as your pattern indicates.

At the beginning of the next round, switch back to the green marker.  This reminds you to "GO" on knitting as usual, with no increase or decrease.

By alternating red and green markers, you can keep your place when knitting sock gussets, raglan sweater shaping, and other pattern changes.

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