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HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Needles Set


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If you love knitting with bamboo needles, this is the needle set you've been dreaming of!  You get the best of both worlds - warm, comfortable bamboo needle tips with convenient interchangeable cables!  

HiyaHiya interchangeable sets let you make circular needles in a wide range of sizes and cable lengths, so you always have the size needles you need.

These needle tips screw securely to the cables, and the smooth joins let your stitches move without catching your work. 

Sets are available in two sizes and two needle tip lengths:

  • Small set contains 7 pairs of needle tips in US sizes 2-8 (2.75-5mm) with your choice of 4-inch or 5-inch needle tips.
  • Large set contains 6 pairs of needle tips in US sizes 9-15 (5.5-10mm) with 5-inch needle tips.

Each set includes four flexible cables to make 16"-40" needles (or 18"-42" with the 5" tips), a pair of rubber grips for tightening the joins, and a pretty, portable satin brocade storage bag.  (Storage bag colors may vary.)

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